Mike Skinner DJ set in London 2014
Apr 2014 18

England, April 18th 2014

Monique and I go to London for the weekend. We will go shopping.

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The D.O.T. Greenville 2013
Jul 2013 26

Germany, July 26th 2013

Wednesday 24th was my birthday. I celebrated it for my friends and family with a BBQ in my mum’s garden last Saturday. Her house was packed, loved it, but didn’t expect it. This weekend I’ll celebrate it with The D.O.T.

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Mike Skinner Eristoff tracks urban art forms festival 2013
Jul 2013 05

Austria, July 5th 2013

I saw on Facebook that Mike would DJ on Eristoff Urban Art Forms Festival this year. It is in Graz, in Austria. is it do-able for us Oz? I think I’m still not sure if it is. It’s an 11 hours drive, 12 hours as we stopped a few times. But I’m sure it’s worth it. Mike said in Amsterdam “Let’s hang out for a bit, it’s going to be a long journey for you.

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Mike Skinner Melkweg 2013
Jun 2013 28

The Netherlands 28th of June 2013

I saw a message on facebook on June 3rd from de Melkweg. Mike is coming to Amsterdam. He will do a DJ set. FINALLY! Last time he was here for a gig was 2008. 5 years ago, with the Streets. Ted will sort us out again. My boyfriend Mark, his friend Eric and the famous master Ozzy will join me.

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The D.O.T. Birmingham 2012
Oct 2012 25

England 25th of October 2012

Ted Sorted me and Ozzy out again. And Clare offered me to stay, luckily Ozzy was welcome too. Also Shep and Jamie, and Shep‘s girlfriend Kate are coming, also Lizz and Abbie will be there.

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